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    will tren make this cycle much better ?

    next cycle's going to be 6 weeks of prop,winny and possibly tren a
    cycle plan so far
    propionate 200mg eod
    60-70mg oral winstrol
    may also use tren a at 100mg eod
    will the tren make a big difference to this cycle at that dose ?
    goal to drop about 3% b,f so to about 9-10 and try add few lean pounds body mass and a big increase on strength
    who thinks i should run the tren, i have never used tren before

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    I would eliminate the winstrol if you are going to throw tren in. Tren will absolutely dwarf winstrol in every aspect. Might as well save your liver some stress while you're at it.

    What is your cycle experience?

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    At 22 you dont need to be cycling.Just eating right

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    Quote Originally Posted by songdog View Post
    At 22 you dont need to be cycling.Just eating right

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