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    Cycle Review and Questions

    6'2, 230lbs, ive been lifting for 7 years and i am wanting to get into competitive power lifting and am looking for a cycle that will boost me over the top, let me know what you think, what should be changed, and also i was reading that Novaldex shouldnt be used with deca so what should i use for pct. thanks for helping out.

    Test E wk1-12 500mgs/wk
    Deca wk1-12 400mgs/wk
    Dbol wk1-4 50mgs/ed
    anavol wk7-12 50mgs/ed

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    That's too much gear for your age. What's your bf? What's your cycle history?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Cycling at age 21 is not a good idea and very unhealthy in the long run. You will get shut down pretty hard and the chances of recovery are not like that of a 25 year old.

    If you've been lifting for 7 years and you're no where near where you want to be, then you simply do not know how to eat (no offense).

    "Boost me over the top" -- sounds like a recipe to lose all gains very quickly, of which most would be water and fat anyway. Take a minute to post your diet in the nutrition section and you will get lots of pros tweaking it for you so that you can maximize your gains. AAS will do nothing if you're not eating properly. Proposed cycle above is terrible and will only cause damage.

    Good luck.

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