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    One cc of sust enough to stunt growth?

    I took 300mg of sust. If i dont take anymore will my growth be stunted? Thanx for the help. sorry to keep posting about this but its really important. Thanx for your input guys.

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    thats 250 mg. I'm assuming ur pretty young to be worried about not growing anymore. if thats the case u should wait till your around 20 to juice. And no it won't stunt ur growth, not at that small of a dosage

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    CYCLEON Guest
    no it will not stunt your growth - if you are under 20 tho, like FI said, u should wait - diet and excersise are all you need. i know its hard to wiat tho.

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    One 300mg injection of sust wont do anything, least of all stunt your growth. Do some research bro. Learn everything you can about gear and when you think you've read enough go back and read it all again twice. Build and grow as much as you can naturally before hitting a cycle. Listen to the vets and mods and make sure you're ready before starting. Good luck bro.

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    Youll be fine. I have to give you props for having enough sense to realize your to young and stop before somthing bad happened. Wait untill your older and then start to cycle your body right now is producing so much natural test that youll be fine good luck and dont worry

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