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    Advice on next cycle

    Hey whats going on guys....I am planning out my next cycle and I am obviously going to run my test and I think I am going to go with enanthate for this one. I am going to get some Oral TBol to kickstart the test. I know you can only run TBol for 6 weeks and my cycle is going to be 12. My question is what do you guys recommend running weeks 7-12 with the test e once I am finished with the tbol?

    So far my cycle is going to look like this:

    1-6 40-60mg. TBol
    1-6 500mg. Test E
    7-12 750mg. Test E

    I am trying to find what compound would be good to run weeks 7-12 along with the test mid cycle.

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    Edit: your to young! Give up the gear and go natty for 4 more years... For the sakes of your balls and anything attached. For your future sex-life. For the rest of the kids who cycle to young. Set an example for young people.
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