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    Are orals or PCT etc harsh on GI track??? anyone with UC or chrons?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Orals or Oral PCT and AI's etc can be harsh on the GI track? I have ulcerative colitis so just wondering. thanks guys

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    I suspect I got a borderline stomach ulcer from taking Anadrol -50 once. I ran it for 10 weeks with testosterone propionate . The first week of PCT, I had really bad gastritis in the stomach. Had to get perscribed a proton pump inhibitor (Lansoprazole) to reduce stomach acidity so that my stomach lining could heal. I suspect that the Anadrol was the culprit. I was taking it on an empty stomach.

    I would advise that if you are going to use orals, take them with food. My problem was taking it on an empty stomach day after day for weeks.

    Please see this thread here where I basically followed every single moment of what was going on:

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