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    Question Which AS for site injection?

    For any Bros. who "site inject" (bicept,pecs,tris ect..) Which AS have produced the best results with "site injections", if any results compared to regular quad,delt,glute injections. Just curious?

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    Don't know bro. but good question. I'll give you a bump.

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    All the same in my case, the only thing i notice is the muscle looks bigger( try injecting 2cc's into a tri) but it goes away after a coupla days.

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    the only places you should inject more than a 1cc is your glutes and quads.

    the only ones that would work if they work and not just give that swollen look that goes away is Winny and Suspension

    this is a debate that has been beat to death. some swear by it others don't

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    alevok Guest
    I had good results with winny for my tri's. I also put test and primo in tri's but winny worked better for me

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    If anything is going to work through the mythical site injection teechnique, it would only be unesterfied hormones. Test suspension would be a good bet. Anything with an ester (prop, enanthate , or a sustanon blend) first has to go through the blood stream to get broken down into raw testosterone (like test suspension, which is just water and raw testosterone). Then it makes its way back to the muscle and does its magic.


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    sigmund roid is right if you are trying to actually make the muscle bigger. otherwise, most steroids (some more than others) will causing swelling at the injection site. T-400 site injections caused large swelling in the bis and tris, even did my chest. but, once the swelling is gone in two or three days you are back with what muscle you really have. i say if you do any kind of juice you should spot inject. might stretch the facsia, might cause local growth, will cause swelling...sounds like good odds to me!!!!!!!!

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