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    WOW...Greg Valentino on Live with Carson Daily (what a joke)

    valentino was the carson daily show tonight. and he looks worse then ever. never knew he was that short. he was talkin this shit "biggest arms in the world" "27 inches" "ripleys believe it or not" what a fvckin joke. from the way he was sittin, he was tryin to hide his left arm which had the scar from whatever the fvck happened to that bag of oil. the scar looks like a long red line, very thin, but noticable. well, atleast he addmited to taken steriods but that was it. "i havent takin steriods in 2 years" not sure if i believe that.

    he looks so unproportionate its nasty. his legs looked so small in those jeans. anyone else see this. god my eyes hurt

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    LOL...damn, i'm always missing greg's tv appearances

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    too bad I missed it to

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    I'm happy I missed it! I dont want to see that loser in any capacity. Synthol makes the whole sport look bad. This guy just wants attention like a little girl.

    All he ever says is a bunch of BS anyway


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    No Synthol!

    Greg still claims that he has never used Synthol - just large amounts of AAS. He claims he only started using AAS relatively recently - something I seriously doubt after looking at his photographs.

    Check out his website

    The interview in T-Mag gives you an insite into why he's turned himself into a freak. Not only does he recognise he suffers from 'small man syndrome' but it's also pretty obvious, although he denies it, he likes the attention. Here's the link . . .

    Most of us like the attention a good body brings but jeez, Greg took it way too far.

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