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    the diff in omni's vs sust?

    I can get omnadrens at the same price as nile sust or kariacki sustanon . Can anyone reccomend one or the other and tell me why? They are supposedly the same. Also, im now seeing a sustanon 10ml vial at 250mg/ml by research teck at a very fair price, anyone have any backup or knowlege on these?? TKS,,, BIG-G

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    well now omna and sust are the same. the omna used to be a little diff. so at this point if there the same just go with the better deal and which you know are real.

    me personally i am the type that if i can ge the best sust made and it is a dollar or two more an amp i am gonna get the best.

    best in my op is the karachi or portugal sust.

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    I like the Niles the best but they are all pretty much the same...

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