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    horror stories on spectro labs..

    i asked a good friend of mine at the gym about spectro eq he started flipping at me. he told me that its made in some dudes basment and its not clean or safe its not even a lab just some guy who says its a lab. spectro eq is the only eq i can get ahold of . he tells me not to touch it. and spectro has not been making any a/s for a long time now. anyone here used spectro gear? what were ur results from it? is it a good lab???

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    get it tested if your worried. i have never used them. they have recently made new products though.

    there bottles have a white label with rainbow colored labels. might be some pics in our pic section.

    you could always get deca instead

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    well if you look at the big picture all underground labs are someones garage or basement.

    I'm not saying that the company is like that but most are.
    Just something to think about

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    I am Well aware of Spectro. and i can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Spectro is a very good company i would use there product anyday no questions asked they are very carful and they supply alot of canadians. They also now go by the name Quest, if you are worried about it then i would search for new Eq from a differnt company.
    If you want to no more about spectro just send me a PM and i would be more than happy to give you some answers.

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