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Thread: Sust Cycle

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    Sust Cycle

    Hey guys hows it going. I dont think I have posted here before but im always over at and a buddy of mine told me to check this site out. so far it seems great. I posted this post over at but I just wana get your guys opinions. what do you think.

    I was thinking about getting some sust from a buddy and I told him I had been researching and I was planning the following:

    Week 1-4 Sust 500mg/week Dbol 25mg/day
    Week 5-8 Sust 500mg/week

    he told me that 16 amps was a waste, and since they only come in 10s I would have to get 20 and he said run in like this

    Week 1-4 Sust 750mg/week Dbol 25mg/day
    Week 5-6 Sust 750mg/week
    Week 7 Sust 500mg/week

    He said that would be the best way to run it. Now I know obviously taking 750 a week is alot and its not something that I want to do for a first cycle. I wasnt even planning on running 500/week for 8 weeks but learned that it would be best.

    Now, a DIFFERENT buddy of mine also wants to do a cycle, however I have been telling him that the one he has planned is a waste and will cause his blood levels to be fluxuating way too much. he plans

    week 1-4 sust 250mg/week dbol 25mg/day
    week 5-8 sust 250mg/week

    basically he wants to do 8 shots 1 a week. Its not the fact that he cares about the shots (he doesnt) its that he says he doesnt want to get huge, just wants to get bigger.

    now before I get 100 posts saying THEN YOUR FRIEND ISNT READY FOR STEROIDS I would like to have an honest opinion on what he can expet from this and if its a really bad cycle what I should tell him why not to do it.

    Clomid and nova post therapy I was thinking something like this

    Day 1 300mg clomid, 40mg nolv
    Day 2-11 100mg clomid ED, 20mg nolv ED
    Day 12-21 50mg clomid ED, 10mg nolv ED

    what do you think? I know lately there has been alot of debate about which is better, only taking 1, etc. What do you think would be the best thing to run and which cycle posted above do you think would be the best one to go with.


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    Well, you should post your experiance and stats first that would help out alot. Sus needs to be injected frequently due to the shorter acting esters in it. Its really not a good choice for beginners because the dosages needed to take full effect of all the esters is too high for someone just starting off in aas use.

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    cycle history and age


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    hey guys
    I have been lifting for about 2 years. 18 years old. I know its a young age and because of that I know im going to be getting lots of negative feedback.


    height: 5'9
    weight: 165...most ever been was 186 when I got my wisdom teeth taken out over a period of 4 days I lost 15 pounds and continued to lost till I lost about 30 all together. has this happened to anyone else?

    dont really have any other stats but keep the replies coming.

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