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    Thumbs up Finabolon Anadrol stack LOOK AT THIS!

    Here is a list of gear I have:
    25 tabs of Anadrol 50
    500 tabs of d-bol
    25 amps of test enathate 200mg
    10 amps of test prop 200mg
    10cc of Finabolon

    I have a pretty good idea about how I want to stack this gear. I will probably not use all this gear in one stack. However, I would like to run a 10-12 week stack with this gear. I have plenty of the liver protection agents and after the stack protection on hand. Please give me some ideas on how you guys would stack the gear for maximun cut and strength gains. My size measurements are currently 5 09" 175 at 10% body fat and I have a one rep max bench of 300lbs. I am not a novice to as. I have run several stacks before, but never used finabolon or anadrol. I was thinking of using the finabolon at 1cc every 4 days and starting the stack using anadrol 1 tab per day for 3 weeks, or 2 tabs per day for the first 2 weeks. Also, what about going off the anadrol after a few weeks and straight to the d-bol for a few weeks? Is that too much for the ol' liver to take? As far as the test goes, I am not yet sure how I will use it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks bro's!

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    No need to post this twice...

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