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    arimidex dosage help !!!

    hey gusy with arimidex , how much do you need ot take how often

    i got the 1 mg tablets.... some ppl say 1mg/ed some say 1mg/eod and some say .5 mg/eod... which one ?

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    whatever suits you best depending on how prone to gyno you are. i'd go ahead and start off low because you can always increase. even 1/4 ED (basically 1/2 EOD).

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    I would start at 1mg EOD and then go up to 1mg ed if you need to.

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    .1mg a day for every 100mg of testosterone per week may be a good basic rule...

    But I agree with KeyMastur in starting low and working up cuz you don't want to totally eliminate estrogen but block it just enough to keep down estrogen-related side effects - find an appropriate dose for your cycle and use it as a rule of thumb for future cycles...

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