Hey guys, im about to start dieting in a week or so, and im going to use some clen this time around. I picked up potassium pills already, and im going to pick up taurine ( by the way i know you should take the potassium pills before bed on an empty stomache but what about the taurine?) anyhow. I was curious about a couple of things.
#1 win your opinoins what is a good brand of clen, both pill and liquid form.
#2 Is it recommended to take creatine at the same time or should i not bother with it?
#3 I used to preform HIT cardio, but with clen it is advised not to do so for obvious reasons, so my question is in the morning on an empty stomache? Will the anti catabolic effects of the clen preserve my muscle, because last time i went the cardio on an empty stomache root i burned a lot of muscle and would like that to happen again.
and finally, any recommended eca stack, to be taking after the 2 week intervals, in which ill use an eca stack, and some yohimbine.

Thanks for your time guys.