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    help on this cycle - deca/test cycle

    new to this......sooo be free to give ur opions

    i'm 5'10 at 130lbs with 10%bf age 22 been training for all most 3years now started at 95lbs basically a stick.......metabolic rate is too high ........plannin to go on the following cycle:

    deca sustanon

    week1 100mg/week 100mg/week
    week2 200mg/week 250mg/week
    week3 200mg/week 250mg/week
    week4 300mg/week 350mg/week
    week5 300mg/week 350mg/week
    week6 200mg/week 250mg/week
    week7 200mg/week 250mg/week
    week8 100mg/week 100mg/week

    hcg 3-4shots of 1500i.u. every 5 days after cycle
    clomid about 10days after last shot of hcg 100mg/day -1thru 5 and 50mg/day 6 thru 10.
    proviron in hand.......plan on starting from 2nd week of cycle

    supplements to be used:
    meal replacements and whey protein
    liver tabs

    diet would consist of abt 200gms of protein 350-400gms of carbs n rest fat

    had done a small cycle of only deca with doses upto 200mg running it for abt 6weeks a year ago...and had gains of about 10-11lbs

    please help me give ur necessary inputs to this i'm plannin on goin onto this cycle in 2 weeks from now......thanks

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    Hey man, this is the picture forum. You might want to move it to the question forum...

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    could have sworn this was the question forum? anyways, no need to taper either bro, deca and sust both contain long acting esters which eliminated the need to taper, just being taking your clomid 4 weeks after your last throughout i would run the deca at at least 300mg/week and sust at at least 350mg/week, for 10-12 weeks, hcg imo is pointless and a waste of money but if you intend on using it just using maybe twice a week for 1-2 weeks to sensitize your leydig cells and get the balls ready for of luck

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    If this is your first cycle you only need Sust. You should gain about 20 lbs. taking 500mg sust/week for 8 weeks. Depending on if you eat right and train right.

    You wouldn't gain much more using Deca with it being you are a first time user. It's a little less expensive cycle with the same gains. But make sure you run your clomid 10 days after your last injection.

    I am into my 4th cycle and I am only taking Sust. 500mg weeks 1-3, 750mg weeks 4-7, 1000mg weeks 8-11, and 500mg week 12.

    Sust is a great AS for bulk and strength. It also has low water retention and burns fat also. It is a excellent AS all on it's own. When you become more advanced then you can start stacking AS as needed.


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