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    Anavar questions from a new female

    Hi , I had a couple questions about anavar and was hoping for some feedback from everyone .
    I am just getting back into training after a year ( I've had terrible tendonosis and eczema that's almost healed )I am female and thinking of doing 6 weeks at 10 mg per day .
    I am wondering if theres any blood tests I should do before I begin as I ve seen that theres alot of reccomendations for blood tests to males who are using testosterone .
    What should I do to prepare for this .....
    Besides eating clean and lifting of course

    Thank you for any relevant info and your time

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    I'll bump the thread with my .02, but wait for a knowledgable female member with direct first hand experience and advice.

    The 10mg var is probably fine for a lady. Probably a good idea to hit the gym for a period of time to strengthen up the tendons first, prior to var. I see you are prone to tendonitis like i am. I'm convinced that once a tendon is damaged, you can be pain free in 6 months, but the actual healing to 100% takes at least a year or more, so be real careful with those routines that got you in trouble in the first place. I'm suspecting that a tendon may never heal fully if not given enough time, which is why the tendonitis always seems to come back for weightlifters.

    I've been experimenting with a healing peptide called TB-500, and it seems to help with my shoulders and tendonitis. You can read about it here if you like:
    I created this log with the hopes of having others read and learn, to decide for themselves.

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