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    question is 3 cc's ok to shot into the glute at once

    been wondering if 3 cc's into the glutes is ok ???????or should u only use 2 max

    and about bicep injections i have some decca and test so which would be better to shot into my bi's and tri's I've never tried a bicep shot before but this upcoming cycle i think i wanna try it so drop the info BRO's

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    3 CC's is alot if you are not an experienced user. I personally wouldn't do it, but I know guys that have. You risk getting an oil abcess, also risk your gear not getting dispating from the area completely IMO. why not do 2cc's in one glute and do another cc in leg or other glute.
    Bicep and Tri's injects are easy and I love them. Once you do them you will be addicted. Remember there are several injection sites. For more info go to

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    I shot 3cc in my glute when i weighed 140 pounds and never had a single problem. Yes you can do it, I think what Sicilian is saying is over cautoius.

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    Why did you start a new thread for this???? You just asked it on another one....

    Take 1.5ml 2x a week. You will getmore even blood levels this way.
    Get over your fear of needles...

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