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    quick question

    I just took my first shot of sust 250 yesterday. I am bumping up the dosage to 500 next week spreading it out in 250 2 times a week. I am not looking to get huge just add about 10 pounds but i want to be lean. I talked to my buddy and he has Cytomel . He told me to take it at the same time as the sust and it will increase my results and that is will also get me shredded. He said i would not have to be overly cautious with my diet also because it converts carbs and proteins so fast, all i would need is a good cardio workout. Anyone have and prior experiences with this and do you believe that cytomel burns fat and gets you ripped up?

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    Everyone wants to cut n bulk at the same

    You can run a low dose the entire time, which will help with protien synthesis and may shed some more lbs of fat. If you dont eat enough though, your gains will suck. Increased metabolism means increased calorie intake needed for equivalent gains.

    If you run a high dose, same thing just much more exagerated.

    I sometimes like to run a low dose, but I have no problem taking in 7000 cals a day if I want.

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