hey there 12 weeks ago i had acl surgry everythink went fine!only down side is that i have put alot of fat on and my skin folds have gone through the roof and will continue to as i am not allowed to fully run 100percent til march!! he is the go im looking to stip my fat for lean mucsle,i am in the gym 3-4times a week and doing 30mins cardo on rower and bike!stats are 83kg 5ft 8-or 175cm tall!

i am looking at going on test for 10weeks 2ml a week and also winstrol pills-how long do i cycle them for with test and how many etc do i take a day? also will winstrol slow down my knee recovery??as i heard that it is no good for joints and ligments?if so can anyone reccomand anything else to take with test to help strip fat and help me turn into lean mucsle!! any info would be great please i have only done 1 cycle of test before but have done my research on that and no all bout pct start 2 weeks afta cycle and do for 4weeks!!!