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    new cycle (var/primo/clen)

    What do you think of this for a first cycle bros? I have chosen 2 low androgens as I have a history of baldness (both sides of the family) and because var and primo are considered 'healthy options'.

    My aim is to put on 10-12lbs of lean mass, hopefully cutting up a bit.

    I have access to Winny, but do not want to aggravate existing joint problems (which I take glocosamine/chondroitin for) so I left this out.

    Anavar - 35mg / day
    Primobolan - 100mg / every 4 days
    Clen - 160mcg / day (after building up to dosage, then 2 w/on, 2 w/off, eca imbetween)

    Creatine - 20g / day
    Glutamine - 25g / day
    Protein - 350 g / day
    Total calories - 4500 / day
    Fat - 80g / day

    Milk thistle - 1000mg / day
    ALA - 1000mg / day
    Vitamin C - 4-6 g / day
    Cranberry juice / capsules
    Multi vits
    Liv 52 if I can get it instead of milk thistle
    Plenty of water
    Flax oils

    My stats are :-

    26 years old
    6 ft 2
    255 lbs
    12-14 % b/f
    10+ years lifting experience

    I believe I have now reached my genetic potential. I have good lats, back and quads naturally so I hope I can make my gains.

    Do you think this is realistic?

    What do you think of the stack?

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    I think I'd like to try it
    Looks good to me bro, seems like you've been up late doing your research.

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    You need to double the Primo. Less than 200mg a week won't do anything for you. The var looks ok for a first cycle. How long are you running the cycle?

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    With primo being hard to find and the expense of both of those AAS, I'd go for 400mg a week of test. I think you'll be more satisfied because your not going to gain as much as you'd like from that cycle, you have more of a cutting cycle there. With some test and that calorie intake you'd make some nice gains. As far as hair loss goes primo is a DHT derivative, so if you family history of hair loss, I'd use some thing else. Your dose of primo is to low to do anything, you would be doing 175mg a week, you need at least 300mg but 400 would be better.


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    you need to add proscar and saw palmetto to safe guard your looks good up the var

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    I have already got the var and the clen so the cost of primo I am not too worried about.

    I can get hold of prop as well quite easily but after researching, I was attracted by the degree of 'keep gains', primo is characterised by.

    Therefore with what you have said, so you think I would be better off using primo every 3 days or just put more in every 4 to 5 days?

    Also would primo or prop give the worse hairloss potentially?

    I aim to do an 8 week course

    Thanks in advance

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