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    This is it bros, first cycle!

    Hello everyone. I have been following this board for a couple of months now (doing lots of reaserch) and just decided to sign up. I think this is the best board out there!

    Im 23, 6'0, 230 with around 15% bodyfat. Im using my old football routein from highschool, and it works fine for me. This is how my cycle is going to look like

    thai Dbol wk 1-4 @ 35
    PVL Deca wk 1-10 @300
    Iranian testoviron wk 1-12 @ 500
    proviron 1-12 50mg
    nolva when needed
    clomid 2 weeks (test ethinate is 2 weeks wait) after last shot for 3 weeks
    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21

    I was wondering if 12 weeks would be too much? should I cut it down to 10 and front load wk 1-2 @ 1000mg, and then cut the dbol out (there will really be no need for dbols as the test will kick in 2 weeks insted of 4), or leave it as it is. Also I know alot of you are going to say up the deca to 400, but PVL comes in 300 10mls (or should i just cut the deca all by its self?). Also a question about HCG , i was thinking of running it along side with clomid @ 5000ius a week for 3 weeks. Tell me what you think brothers and thanks for your time.

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    I think it looks good as it is.. 12 weeks makes a good cycle..

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    looks great bro keep it at 12 weeks, i wouldnt bother with the hcg the clomid will do just fine.

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    cycle looks great. love your radio show.

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    i agree looks mint!!! good luck kid

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    nice cycle, but why do you need so much proviron , 25 mg is enough and if water gain gets bad take 50, that is a blatant waste man! but nice cycle !

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