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Thread: itchy nipples

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    itchy nipples

    This is a lil odd situation. im on a cycle of sus and deca , 500 sus a week and 400 deca im on week 5. on week 3 i started taking aromasin EOD at 12.5MG. anyways over the past 3 weeks my chest has been itchy (I work with fiber glass so my hole body is itchy most of the time) but I cant tell if this is a side affect and I should up my dossage. its sort of around my nipple and on it its hard to tell. If its itchy because of gyno would it be super itchy? they dont really look puffy and i dont think im very bloated im always so full from eating alot so thats hard to tell to. Im scared to up my dossage of arom cuz i dont wanna kill all my estregen.

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    Well if you ever find out its not the fiberglass.Run nova @ 20mg a day.

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    quite likely that it is just your mind playing tricks on you. you know you are on a cycle and you know the possibility of gyno is there so you are probably hyper sensitive to related warning signs. you did say that you work with fiberglass and your whole body is itching most of the time, you said they don't look puffy and you don't feel bloated. getting some BW done would almost certainly put your mind at ease, because you'll at least have confirmation of something.

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    Sorry to hear this, I agree with songdog however I think Raloxifene is the best on cycle gyno reversal med on the market. Start at 60mg. Nolvadex works, but I prefer Ralox on cycle and Nolvadex PCT.

    However if its just itchy from fiberglass and you have no lumps but want to be sure you could always increase the Aromasin to 10mg ED insead of 12.5 EOD and see if symptoms resolve itsself without starting another medication. I would try this first before proceeding with anything else.

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