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Thread: tren A advice

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    tren A advice

    i have been researching this alot , my stats are :
    weight around: 71 kg
    body fat: 15-17%
    have been training for 4 years
    target: bulking more muscular gain
    done 2 cycles
    1st was test e 500mg/week for 8 weeks + equi 200mg/week (was waste of money ) , 2nd one was deca 250-500 mg / week + dbol + test prop 200 mg/week.

    i was planning to do my third cycle with deca 250mg , test c 500mg , dbol for the first 5 weeks 50 ED , for 12 week +(letrozole 2.5/ week , hcg 500 iu /week) , but i met alot of article around tren A and how its more effective than deca and i was thinking if i would add it instead of deca , need opinions and what would be its dosage per week (EOD)?or would i go for deca higher dosage and how does dosage are determined for a first cycle of tren is there a standard for it ?

    thanx all

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    no replies ?

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    Tren 's more powerful overall the deca , but you'd probably gain more raw mass from your test/deca/dbol plan. It's all relative to your goals. Tren can definitely be a great bulking/off-season steroid , and while true it hands down takes the cake in a cutting cycle IMO.

    Either way, with deca or tren you should get some good results. You should be able to maintain body fat more efficiently with the Tren plan.

    Generally a first time Tren plan I normally recommend 50-75mg/eod.

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    Read this post from a vet before you start.

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    I just didn't feel like converting metric so...never answered

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