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    does tren shut you down harder than deca ?

    i was looking into trying tren a at some point but fear it as they say its shuts you down very hard, however i have used deca at 300mg a week on last cycle and recovered well so if i recovered good from the deca should that then mean i should be okay with tren as deca shuts you down 100% ???

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    Shut down is shut down. It's your body's ability to recover.
    Thats the risk each and every time reguardless of the compound.

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    what does "harder" mean to you?

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    Like Cape explained..being shutdown is the act of stopping your natty test production. All AAS does this and tren and deca are NO exeption. They both come with shared side effects and specific side effects. Since sides effect everyone different it;s difficult to get one answer about which one has worse or better sides.

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    All anabolic steroids will suppress natural testosterone production, but they do not all suppress testosterone at the same rate. This would mean being shut down is just shut down somewhat of a false statement. You can use steroids and not completely shut down your natural production. Production is still suppressed, but the rate of suppression depends on the compounds in question.

    To the OP, Tren shouldn't be any more difficult to recover from than Deca ...both will take your natural production down to about as low as it can get.

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    nothing shuts my nuts down like deca . other aas may shrink them in diameter a little, but deca makes them light. they lose half their mass after 12 weeks. feel light as ****ing ping pong balls. they also get cold and ache. no, nothing shuts me down like deca.

    but like i said, that's deca. i haven't run nandrolone for less than 4 weeks (no npp)

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