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    What is your training experience, no offense but 5'11" and 175 you need to get a base of solid gains first before using AAS regardless of prior use.
    You really need to learn to eat and train to gain muscle, drugs wont do shit if you can't do this first....

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    If you got good results from your Tes E only cycle, then why not repeat. It is better to be conservative with your dosages and increase gradually. I wouldn't jump onto two compounds at your age. Tren is definitely a compound not to be taken lightly and should not be something you are considering at this point. At 5'11" you could gain a few more pounds naturally which would put you at a better jumping off point. Check out the diet section and dive in, you need to get your diet in check before starting a cycle.

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    Stay away form those mixed vials. Pick an ester and stick with it.

    And browse through this link. There are some tips on gaining weight for hard gainers like yourself.

    Hard Gainers - Gaining Weight!#.UISXU2fX_ft

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    My second cycle was 400 test cyp and 200 deca .

    Many will say this is too low etc, but I think it's fine for a second run.

    I didn't blow up, but put on some noticeable size and kept most of it.
    I think if your doses are reasonable and you run an ai then you can avoid that bloated fake look, which you lose anyway once you stop because its mostly water.

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    You are jumping the gun with more compounds to replace a good diet.But that wont work.No food no gains no matter how much aas you use.You are light for your size after a cycle not a good thing.Hit the diet section post your diet and they will help you grow.

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