hey fellows i have a question about a cutting cycle.i am 6' 230 (don'y know bf%)i am a endomorph have good muscle mass but also fat pockets in stomach love handles rest of the body is pretty much fine.i'm looking to drop 15-25 pounds where i am comfortable and look good for me.i have enough clen for two weeks (pyramid up to 100mg then back down)lifting 5 days a week TRYING to keep up with the cardio 20 min ecliptical afternoon,20 min night.my diet right now is in check.very low carb except on third or fourth day cause i need it,all protein very little fat i'm doing about a galon of water a day.waiting to get over a sinus infection and then will start clen what do i want to take after my two weeks of clen.i would like to try to stay away from the eca.what would everyone reccomend.not hust trying to lose weight but also trying to get more def back and more cut.THANK YOU i would really appreciate your help summer is coming