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    Test p, Beastdrol clean strength, mass cycle

    Age: 28
    ht: 5'9"
    wt: 170 lbs
    bf: 12-13 % (expecting to lower to 7-10% by december)

    Goal: Very clean Mass cycle

    Previous cycle: (8 week Cutting cycle): test p 300 mgs/wk, tren a 75 mgs/day
    Result: 5 lbs lean body mass gained with good strength gain while cutting body fat.

    My goal is to do a clean bulker, main concern is strength and endurance but any additional weight will comprise only of LBM

    Next Planned Cycle:
    Wk: 1-4 Beastdrol 20 mgs/wk
    Wk 1-10: test p 400 mgs/wk
    Clean Cals

    I wanted to know how much weight ill put on especially based on the fact im using a mild dose of test with a mild dose of beastdrol which i hear is STRONG.

    main goal is strength, endurance gain but wanna know how much weight gain i can expect?

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    I'd skip the beastdrol and go with something safer (Anavar or Tbol maybe). Methyldrostanolone is one of the few orals that I've really heard liver failure horror stories about, even from experienced users of traditional AAS.

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    Bro @ 170 and 5'9 you are on the light side.And seeing this is your 2nd cycle dont make it any better.So the best advice I can give you is hit the diet section.Post your diet with macros.Tell them your goals you do this prior to starting your cycle and you will get big.

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