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    A few questions about sources in general

    I am thinking about using the source that my friend uses and opening up a po box so that it doesnt have to come to my house. The questions I had was if your gear gets seized through the mail can you get in trouble for it? Or is it just the source? If ordering from a source is risky than it isn't worth it for me. Also my second question is how do I go about checking to see if my source is legit? I have checked all the scammers list and I haven't found his email adress on any of them. What are your suggestions?

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    Your the one that will get in shit if the pakage is seized. Because your name is on it How the hell are the gonna know who sent it
    I dont think that any source puts there real name and mailing address on the Packages.

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    If it gets seized, you'll just get a letter and whatever you do dont respond to it. If you're being watched thats a different story, once you touch that package, it's yours. Secondly, you could pm some mods and vets and see if they have heard of your source.

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    If your package is seized you will receive a letter from the U.S. Customs telling you that your package has been confiscated. They will also tell you what legal action you can take to reclaim your package and if none is taken your shipment will be destroyed(sniffle, sniffle). Just ignore the letter. DON"T TRY AND RECLAIM YOUR PACKAGE!!! If the feds try and confront you DENY EVERYTHING.....EVERYTHING!! If you do decide to go the international route theres a sting called a 'controlled delivery' where the feds try and nail you when you sign for the package. Don't sign for the package. Once you do, your done! I don't know of any international supplier that requires a signature upon reciept of shipment. If you do receive your package with no complications don't open it right away. Write "RETURN TO SENDER" on it. That way if the feds try and nail you in the next day or so you can just say "I don't know what it is. I haven't had time to get to the post office to send it back". Bro international ordering is not that bad. I've done numerous times and only had one shipment seized and had no follow-ups. IMO, although you may pay a little more, domestic is the best way to go. Good luck.

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    well one thingfor sure, the source never puts their name on the package!

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