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    Help with Self Research

    Hi Guys,

    Ive been looking into to using AAS for a while now. Im not looking for advice on something or people telling me to jump into it straight away as at the moment i feel i have a hell of alot to learn and need to feel a bit more comfortable about it myself before i even decided to begin looking towards using gear.

    Anyways ill get into some of the questions i would like to ask. As i have mentioned this at the moment is just for my own knowledge and research so when the time comes im not naive and stupid with what im doing and understand what im doing and the implications that it could cause.


    Age: 22
    Workout Exp: 2 Years
    Height: 6ft
    Weight 12st 1lb
    Used Before: Never
    Med Condition: Ulcerative Colitus

    So i have had quite a few people try and talk me through bits and bobs on the net mainly people on or around facebook. When we get to discussing first time cycles there is so many variants in the information that people to present to me that i feel that im at a dead end on the route to begin to even research. Some of these first cycles have been as follows at there basic level Test C + Deca , Anadrol Oral, Test C Only, Dianabol Only, Test + Sus ect

    At the moment my personal view towards steroids is that its something that i would really like to do to be able to achive my goal, but im fairly worried about the implications that the side effects could have. Some of the stuff i have read maybe total BS regards the sides but as i am not someone who has ever used before or know anyone personally who has been down this route im pretty much just using the net as the resource for my research.

    If i was to go ahead and use AAS what first cycle would you recommend and what sides could i potentially expect to come with this cycle? I know this is just a pretty basic and straight forward question but i thought it would be best to start at the beginning and then get into the more nitty gritty stuff that i want to get my ahead around ie PCT, Dealing with sides, Long Term effect, ect ect

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    Welcome to the site, as you are 22 I would recommend waiting a year or two before you begin. AAS usage while your body is still developing can have serious consequences. Although you are an adult so you can make your own decisions with your own body.

    Use this time to gain knowledge and ask some questions here.

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    Ok, firstly I'm glad you're taking the mature clever approach to this, well done!!

    Now, depending on your bodyfat, I would suggest a Test only course. Using an AI and PCT. there are some Sticky threads to help you understand what and why you need them. Read through the diet section. This is THE make or break of training. Poor diet, and no matter what you take, you won't get the results you want.

    It is not recommended to take any course with using Test. Do a little more reading through some stickys, let us now your BF%, and we will help you further!

    Edit** as above. It didnt click that you were 22.

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    Hi Guys,

    Cheers for the replies much appreciated.

    Im definitely not looking to begin taking for around about a year as at the moment i dont feel im ready and can still achieve results without the use of AAS just yet. And i feel i have a lot of learning before i would feel comfortable using something i didn't understand. Just trying to use the time between now and then to get clued up on the fact so i can make a decision based on facts and not myths or 2nd hand info.

    Im not 100% sure on what my bodyfat is although i can imagine it would be pretty low as ive always been a skinny guy. Ive began bulking up and roughly at the moment ive gain about a 12lbs in 6months just by tweaking my diet and routine and im still seeing change. At a rough guess id say something around 10%.

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