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    Can I please get real answers and not just guesses. I just want help...

    Okay so before I ever started AAS (currently in my first cycle 6 weeks in) I had no pubertal gyno symptoms what so ever. However, I talked to a IFBB bodybuilder and he said he never needed to run an AI on cycle as he doesn't get gyno and theres a good chance I don't either (Great advice from a pro eh?...) So being naive I decided I'd try that out... (yeah, I know... save it:P hahah) As of right now my right side chest seems puffy and droopy. If I'm standing up straight my chest looks normal but specifically if i'm sitting down my nipple droops down as if it's not part of my chest muscle at all. I can literally fold it over. There is no hard lump behind the nipple. I have been taking tamoxifen for the last week now at 40 MG ED to prevent it from getting worse while waiting for my ar-r liquidex (arimidex ) to arrive and lower my estrogen.

    Please guys, just help me out so I can continue on with my life... with the arimidex reduce the estrogen and lower the bloat and likely make my nipple go back to being more tight to my chest muscle?

    It's very odd though, it's tolerable if standing up straight because they aren't bad then... also if I work out and have a pump it's perfectly fine too... also fine if I have cold erect nipples too.

    Current cycle for understanding my situation:

    500 mg Test E for 12 weeks
    week 1-4 was blue heart dbol and I wasn't sure if it was real so I was taking 60 mg a day for like 2 weeks (the first two weeks was like 30) However, I still don't think the blue hearts we're real but who knows.

    Please don't flame, I am learning at a rapid rate, atleast I had nolvadex on hand right? :P

    Thanks guys.

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    Every answer you get on here will be a guess you need to go to the doctors and get a proper diagnosis. simple. From what you have said its probably not gyno because that would be effecting both nipples and it wouldnt come and go like yours is, it would also be very itchy and puffy not drooopy, probably just your skin stretching but as i said go to the doctors for proper diagnosis and to be sure tell him exactly what your doing

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    40 mg of nolva should do the trick just keep taking it until it goes down and the arimidex is in you system then reduce/ remove the nolva and continue the arimidex until pct.

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    how high is your body fat?

    if when you sit- it droops and you can fold it, that sounds like fat

    as was mentioned-puffy, itchy, super sensitive, on both sides-

    cod be water retaining, as your on cycle with no ai.

    cod be a number of things/guesses...go to the er.

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