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    clen/t3/keto cycle

    Would this be safe ? If so how would I set it up?
    Currently 5 9 205 lbs 12% bf age 24

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    Ramp the Clen from 40mcg or so. Take the keto in the evening 'cause you're gonna get drowsy during the day. Lot's of posts about cycling clen/T3/Keto.

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    Except if you are using aas you can drop the t3...

    The t3 will burn too much calorie than your body can handle. Even if clen is anti-catabolic you wont be able to protect your muslce mass from t3.

    T3 is awesome on cycle. Off cycle it's not a good idea.

    Clen: 2 weeks on/off = 40-60-80-100-120 mcg(up the dose when you can handle the side.(no keto needed)
    Straight = 20-40-60-80-100(Up when you handle the side) 8 weeks max

    Keto: (opinion are all different...) Some say start it at 2 weeks some start at the same time. So... I say, start after 1 week XD
    Day 7: 2mg/day until the end

    Don't forget Taurine(you get everything at once with Ar-r (that's what I did) Taurine= 2-5g/daily If you don't get cramp at 3g stick to it.
    And add some potassium to your diet. Banana or anything else who contain some.

    Good luck

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