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    Bulking cycle-cutting cycle?

    Hi im looking to start a new cycle, i have been training for about 5 years now, on and off. i have had 3 cycles in the past, my first one was 400mg deca and 500mg sus a week for roughly 3 and a half months, gains were good bulk and strenth. no pct and i suffered for it and didnt keep any gains. then i had nothing for a while and eventually i got my sex drive back and my d*** wasnt screwed anymore, took about 5 months for that to happen. my next cycle was anadrol 50,s 60 tabs 2 a day for 30 days, gains were fast at first then started to slow down but the gains were as fast as i lost the weight after i stoped taking them, i did pct after that cycle as i relized how important they are and sides werent to last cycle was about 8 months ago and it was 600mg of test a week for 3 months, again gains were good and i did my pct and kept a bit of size from that cycle but i have been out of the gym for 6 months now maybe 7 months, im 27 and about 13 and a half stone. so im looking to get back to gym in next few days, and i no there is a lot of guys on here with some very good knowledge. my questions, what would be a good next cycle, tablets ?injectable? mix the two? dosage? time scale? also i no nothing about cutting cycles if anyone has any advice on the best ones, in there opinion? any replies appreciated. cheers.

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    Can we get some stats?

    Age, height, weight, bf%, training experience, diet etc...

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    Bulking and cutting is 100% determined by diet. The fact that you have run several cycles and have to ask that question is kind of concerning.

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    His previous cycles are concern enough !

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