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    First cycle idea

    Hey im new to this forum, my stats are age 21, male, 6'2, 175-180lbs, around 6 years of lifting experience and wanting to do my first cycle soon, this is what i have come up with so far,
    D-bol 30mg wks 1-4
    Sustanon -250 500mgs wks 1-10
    clomid 100 mgs for 7-10 days
    clomid 50 mgs for 7-10 days
    and have some Nolvadex on the side just incase i might be gyno sensitive. The reason for not throwing in some deca is that i have no access to it.

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    Bro save it for 1-2 years, get your diet, training and recovery together. Then you'll be ready to juice.


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