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    help on proviron goin on my 1st cycle of

    deca -300mg/week
    sust - 350mg/week
    for 10 weeks
    clomid pt
    my stats r .......5'11, 130lbs 10%bf age-22 been training for 2 years

    i have proviron on hand.........should i start taking 50mg/ed from the 2nd week of my cycle.....or should i wait for any symptoms on gyno n then start ???

    if i do start taking proviron from the 2nd week to be safe......will it affect my gains on the cycle ??????????

    also is proviron enough or do i also need to take nolvadex as awell ?????

    thanks guys please help

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    Hey bro, id start running it from the beggining of ur cycle and ur it till the end. Do not run it post cycle. Proviron will help increase ur gains not inhibit them. Proviron should be enough but u can run nolv with it.


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    better to be safe than sorry & alot cheaper than surgery

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