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    Coming Off Steroids -- Please Help

    First off I would like to say how amazingly informative this website is !!

    So here comes my first question: I am planning for day X of coming off my cycle of Sustanon 250 and D-bol. For the past week I have been experiencing pain in the nipples, this I'm told may be a symptom of (bitch tits). What should I do to prevent this from getting worse. Also my sex drive has decreased radically. I am not too sure on how and what to take when coming off my cycle. Should I take HCG with the combination of Nolvadex - 20mg/day and Proviron - 25mg/day, along with Clomid ..... How long and how much should I take each of these for and what order. In the article "Coming Off Steroids " is also mentions to use Clenbuterol at the end of a cycle. So am I supposed to be taking all of this at once?

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    *you need NOLVADEX ASAP for your sore can obtain it legally for "research purposes" only, so getting it is the easy do not want bitch tits bro!!!!!!!

    *clen is not necessary, but some like to use it due to its fat burning/anti-catabolic effects post cycle

    1-how long have you been on juice? what dosage?
    2-layout your cycle for us to see....

    *for coming off of your cycle (BTW, you should have researched more before juicing, but nobody's perfect), you will need to start clomid at 300mg (day1) approximately 17-20 days after your last sust find out exactly how to run clomid due a search, this topic has been covered more time than the drinking winny question...forget HCG (unless you've been on a long time and plan to continue on) and forget proviron (OGPackin has a great informational thread on why NOT to do prov.--once again, do a search)

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I know I should have done some more research before my cycle.

    My cycle:

    Russian D-bol, Infar Sus

    Week 1 - 3tabs /day d-bol
    Week 2 - sus 250mg, d-bol - 4tabs/day
    Week 3 - sus 500mg, d-bol - 4 tabs/day
    Week 4 - sus 750mg, d-bol - 5 tabs/day
    Week 5 - sus 750mg, d-bol - 5 tabs/day
    Week 6 - sus 500mg, d-bol -4 tabs/day
    Week 7 - sus 500mg, d-bol - 3 tabs
    Week 8 - sus 250mg, d-bol - 3 tabs
    week 9 - sus 250mg

    I am currently on week 5 of my cycle with sore nips already ... did I do something wrong here?

    How do I obtain Nolvadex for "research purposes" legally in Canada ?


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    I would have ran the susts 500mg per week thoroughout and even though your dosages of dboll are relatively small thats a long time to run a 17aa. I wouldn't run dbol for more than five weeks.

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