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    Arrow READ: Billy Boy

    Thanx for your responses....

    I have been researching all night and morning on Test 400 and injection hazards / treatment.

    I'm having a real tough time finding information. I thought maybe I could ask you a couple questions.

    1. I'm hearing that Test 400 is very concentrated and strong, is that what is making my injections painful? I mean, days two and three after I shoot I can't even walk and have a big ole swollen ass cheek.

    2. I have heard good info on how to ease this pain, assuming that it's not dispersing properly. Baking the AS sounded reasonable but bake at 250 for how long? Can it be microwaved instead? How long should I wait to shoot it after cooking it?

    3. Is this pain I am having most likely from the 400 itself, bacteria, lack of dispersion (possibly from scar tissue, injecting in a cold muscle)?

    4. Is this common? I don't think it's an abscess because it does go away in 3-4 days.

    5.Most importantly...WHAT CAN I DO TO RELIEVE SOME OF THIS PAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Sorry this was so long, thanx for helping bro!!!!

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    Hey bro if I managed to give you the impression that I am exp sorry.....I,m not

    I,m not 100% sure of these answers and I recommend that you check these as I have never used AAS

    Test 400 is very concentrated 400mg/ml and from what I have read most users suffer from after pain from the injections most suffer with some uncomfort using Sust 250 and that is 250mg/ml!

    Baking it .....I,ve heard about putting it into water so the fluid is less viscious and flows easier.Just becareful if you can,t hold the amp its gonna be too hot to inject!

    The pain is more likely to be from the Test 400 rather than the injecting technique although you may want to check your injection sites.If it was a abcess the area would become swollen and hot to the touch and red.

    As for relieving the pain I have no idea bro maybe the vets can help a bit more here

    Please confirm this advice before taking it as gospel


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    Billys right I generally warm it up before injecting wheather its physcological or not it seems to help alliveate the pain

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    Mike Guest
    I will be making a post on T400 today

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    CYCLEON Guest
    this is a thread u really need to check out if you are even thinking of using 400

    In-situ removal of benzyl alcohol.

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