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    Calling All Experts!!! Need Cycle Help!!!!

    im into week6 of test enanthate 500/wk & equipoise 400/wk. IM NOT REALLY SEEING OR FEELING ANYTHING YET. Im using tornel, quality vet, & Icn's galenika. WHEN SHOULD THIS SHIT START KICKE??? I know tornel is underdosed so I make up for that w/ more shots. Ive done 2 previous cycles OVER 2 YEARS BACK of sust 500/wk and dbol 30mgs/ed for 7 weeks GOT HUGE AND_STRONG OF THOSE 2 CYCLES. But i aint getting shit of this cycle? CAN U GUYS HELP ME WITH THIS? Also Im eating good(shitloads of protein)

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    1. are you eating shitloads of carbs ?
    2. maybe there fake? cause test enth kicks in about 4 weeks max !

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