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    First Glute Injection Today. I PINNED more closer to the hip cos my waist was tight..

    Title: "First Glute Injection Today. I PINNED more closer to the hip cos my waist was tight..and stiff from heavy duty workouts so I found it hard to go more in the beefy section of the glutes. DID I DO IT RIGHT?"

    Is pinning in the glute (not at the hip but NEAR the hip) not advisable? Or is it Ok?
    (again, I hit what still could be considered the glute about 3-4 inches from the hip towards the beefy part of the butt and down 3 inches.

    I wanted to hit more of the beefier part, but I was real tight & I'd have to go to a chiropractor to get loose enough to hit that spot, plus hitting the glute more towards the center, near the butt crack, in the meatier part would make aspirating would be difficult, too.

    I only had a spot of blood but that's normal cos I pierced skin tissue.

    The 1 and a 1/2 inch needle went in painlessly.

    I was able to aspirate easily.

    I was able to walk normal after the PIN.

    I didn't feel a sharp pain upon penetrating like you'd feel if a nerve was hit like the sciatica.

    It's been since 2002 since I had a friend pin my glutes. She knew what she was doing and I never had a problem. But today, marked the 1st time, I myself, pinned my own glutes. It's kind of very easy.

    I think I'm good to go, but need to make sure.

    So again, pinning 3 inches down from the waist & 3-4 inches from the hip towards the glute. Is that ok?

    Thanks so much for any constructive help.

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    high and to the side is what you want. Take a look at spotinjections .com (close the gap)

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    Sounds like you stuck the landing perfectly...I give you a 9.6!

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    Thats funny I have only Pinned my glutes and was taught to do it there all my life. I never pin in the middle cause theres a big vein there just go on the side and higher up on the glute you should be fine. Use a 23g 1 1/2" and if you use a NIPRO brand that shit slides right in and you cant even feel it.

    I saw the pictures on spot injections .com and I cant imagine me injecting myself anywhere else than my BUT...

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    thanks everyone.... i found a piece of previously unused real estate i will be using a lot from now on haha

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