Hello all,
This is my first post but I've done a lot of research through these forums for a long time. I am 23y/o and i am currently nearing the halfway point of my first cycle. I have been pinning Sustamed250 for just under 6 weeks now at a dose of 1ml E3D. I started out at 170 (which was my lowest weight ever) and about 5% body fat and i am up to 193lbs. I haven't tested my b/f% as of late but that awesome summer six pack is just about gone so i know its gotta be around 10%. Maybe higher. Diet I can get into if you feel it is necessary to answer my question, but i run pretty clean with at least 250g of protein a day.

Recently I have been able to acquire Winstrol 50mg tabs and/or Dbol 10mg tabs. I like the weight I have put on already but i was wondering if anyone with more experience would recommend going with either or both for the last 6-4 weeks. I know Dbol is usually used at the beginning of a cycle to sort of kickstart everything but until lately the Sust was all i was able to get my hands on. I was thinking of running the dbol 30mg ED for the final 5 or 6 and 50mg ED of Winstrol for the final 4wk. However, my experience is limited so i would like a solid opinion before throwing my money at something that would be stupid.

Additionally, i do have plenty of Nolva on hand not only for the just in case, but as a PCT as well as HCG .
Thanks for the insight