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    injection glute: too much to the right...risk?

    Hey all,

    Just did a shot of test-E in my right glute. However, when I was massaging it in I noticed that I missed the mark and I injected too much to the's basically on the border of the upper outer and upper inner quadrant.

    Is there any risk here? Don't feel any pain (didn't feel any pain while injecting either), so far so good?

    Let me know bros,

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    Flex your cheek. If u got it in the muscle it's fine. As long as u get it in the muscle your good

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    if you had pinned it in a really bad place (nerve, blood vessels..), you would have known it by now. actually, you would have known it immediately as you inserted the pin. if nothing happened, and it went rather smoothly, you're probably safe.

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