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    what does everyone think????

    i am taking my first cycle now after losing 81 pounds!!!!! i want to keep hard get a little bigger and stay on the leaner side until summer is over and then get huge during the supplier suggest i take deca and primo after thatr cycle then take winny immediately afterwards to cut up again... does this sound good or no? definitely dont take d-bol when doing the primo and deca right? and should i definitely take the winstrol ? afterwards or during the primo and the deca?.....oh yea my buddy has winny pills i have never taken them i taken depot should we use them or no and get depot again? any suggestions will help thanks!!!! i will try to post pics of me before the weight loss and now and before the cycle and afterwards also...

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    Whats your stats.

    I would not suggest Deca and Primo, you need some test and if your cutting, then deca would not be the prefered.

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