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    Thumbs up Guidance with Letrozole to reduce gyno + first test cycle


    Hi folks, I completed a naive cycle of sdrol about 18 months ago and developed fairly significant gyno. I'm beginning to plan for a 10 week test cycle (my first) but I'd like to try and attack this gyno as well and by the sounds of it letrozole is a potential solution.

    I'm familiar with some of the key posts on letrozole and have been doing some further research but I'd like to please ask for some clear guidance specific to my situation if possible.

    My goal is to reduce or eliminate the gyno but also complete a 10 week cycle of test. Can you please advise on how to structure my cycles to achieve this? I'm unsure if I should do letrozole by itself to eradicate the gyno , THEN a cycle of test followed by PCT -- or if I should be doing letrozole and test together, followed by PCT. If so, time frames?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as it may prevent future mistakes!


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    I would not advise running the Letro through your cycle. Try and use it before to see if it helps with the gyno then if successful get your hands on some adex or aromasin to run with the test.

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