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    Experienced Users, Please Help with Cycle

    This is all hypothetical of course!
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 185
    Age: 27
    Goal: 20lbs solid gain
    Cycle Experience (not smart)

    May 01: 4 weeks of 12.5mg Halotestin
    NO ANTI E's, CLOMID, HCG , etc.

    August/September 01: 2 weeks Halotestin 20mg, 8 Weeks Winny V (100mg week) and Dbol 15mg,15mg,20mg, 20mg, 25mg, 30mg, 20mg, 15mg
    NO ANTI E's, CLOMID, HCG, etc (Stupid, please don't flame me)

    Dec 01 (last night) started 8 weeks Sust 250 at 500mg week
    8 weeks Deca at 400 per week
    4 weeks Dbol at 40mg per day

    1) When should Equipoise be added and how much dosage?
    2) When and what dosage and what type of Anti E/post cycle medicine should be taken--money is not a problem
    3) What affect on Sex drive can I expect from this cycle both during and after?

    Feel free to answer on this thread or PM me!!!!


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    Don't add Eq. No point.

    Nolva on hand 20mg if gyno symptoms occurs, 10mg for rest of cycle.

    Alternatively .5mg of Armidex ED until Clomid is completed.

    Need clomid for post cycle.

    Through the roof!

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    Originally posted by Big Al

    ...Nolva on hand 20mg if gyno symptoms occurs, 10mg for rest of cycle...
    Need clomid for post cycle...
    BigAl is right Halo... You need the Nolvadex or some Proviron . Even if you don't have a problem with the Gyno it will keep the water down. The clomid is a must to keep the gains! You don't want to throw your money and hard work away with a hard crash. Check out this link on the clomid. It's very informative.

    See Clomid, Nolvadex, Proviron

    Hope you have a Kick Ass Cycle!!!

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    sounds like a much more thought out cycle than the others. you can expect to see some pretty good gains off this cycle. anyway, theres really no need to add EQ into this cycle, id hold onto it for another cycle (stack it with winny IMO) to cut up for summer time. Listen to Big Al's advice on the nolvadex , keep them around and if you start to see signs of gyno then you should start taking them. it wont really do much as far as water retention; you said money isnt a problem you might want to consider some arimidex which WILL keep the water retention down. as far as post cycle: definitely have some clomid, run it at 300mgs on the first day, 100mg/day for 10 days and 50mg/day for the next ten days. good luck and feel free to ask questions

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    if you want to run EQ, i would have done it from day one. if you want to add it, use 600 mg/wk and split it up into two shots a week (hopefully that's how you're running the sus). like BA said, dpending on how far into your cycle you are, you may just want to forget it. as for the anti e's, MO is to not use any until you feel some tenderness in you're nipples. once that happens, then you want anti-e's. once the cycle is over, you will want to start clomid two weeks after your last shot. use 300 mg for day one, then for the next 10 day use 100mg/ed, then for the next 10 days use 50 mg/ed

    as for the sexdrive, sus made me a horny bastard. no joke, i had a hard on all day long. my poor g/f was getting sooo sick of me. it may be different for everyone, but that's what happened to me

    i know this is pretty much what everyone else said, but that's becasue they're right. hope this answered your question..feel free to pm or post with anymore probs

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