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    test cyp 250 newbie

    Hi everyone,

    first off im 6' 1" 185lbs 22 years old. fit but a little more body fat than id like. Im going to be starting my first every cycle and I wanted some feedback. Im starting a 12 week tycle of test cyp 250mg with 10mg of d bol for the first 24 days. My plan is to bulk up then start to cut fat with clen later down the road. Is this a good cycle? How often should i be working out? how should i be eating? and lastly what PCT should i take? any feedback is appreciated it. Thanks guys!

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    With all these beginner questions you are not ready. If you dont know how to eat or train AAS will get you nowhere.
    And at 22 you would be crazy to shut down a perfectly good hormonal system for nothing, cause thats what you will get until you learn the first part exercise and nutrition.

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    I agree with fit2bold on this one. Granted I know youre going to do what you want but I made the mistake of using sh!tty prohormones and eventually sust before I even really knew how to eat and train. If you gorge yourself with food and get on a decent lifting plan with progressively heavier weights you'll see good gains. The first time I bulked natty my weight skyrocketed from a natural ecto 165 up to a stocky 190 in a matter of months. I didn't look like a competition bodybuilder by any means but my strength was up and I finally had some size. Give that a shot. But if you must use the gear, do a little more research. Ask questions. Tons.

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