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    General knowledge o pct and e2

    Kay few questions. Maybe since my last cycle of just test 400. Eery 5 days. I did everythin you guys said etc. kept all te weight and am gaining naturally still. My tes is nat low at about 13 points outta 30. But i cant conceive and im wondering if could be due to cycle. My pct was 5 weeks nolva n clomid and arimidex that i tapere off before pct ended. If my bad sperm is a result. Can i reverse it with taking clomid or hcg for a while on their own? I did my cycle about 6 months ago. Though i didnt get sperm checked prior to cycle so i dont know.

    Also i got pretty bad acne after pct. could this be from my e2 rebound. If so what could i have done to better it? Perhaps use aromasin instead of arimidex? Or longer pct?

    My next cycle ill use aromasin instead n maybe hcg throughout. But i dont plan on doing another cycle till summer. I just want to figure out what went wrong with my acne. And my sperm health.
    Ended pct 30 lbs higher than what i started. And im 10 lbs higher than i was after pct naturally.

    I did some reading and all what ive suggested is what i could think of. Hopin people here could chime in. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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    You're going to need to see a fertility doc and have some bloodwork done. Until then, i wouldn't run anymore cycles until you have the answers you're looking for.

    Good luck.

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