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    HCG related question.

    First: I can have a 10 000ui vial but i wont need that much. how can I switch the powder into an another vial without Unsteriling(Is that a word??) it??
    Of course, the processs muat be done with everyday thing.

    Second: I got a friend who use his HCG 2 month after he mixed it in bac water and its still works fine. How long it can be used after the mix is done??

    Third: can we mix HCG with NaCl? If yes how long will it last effective??

    I think it's all for now. Thanks alot for your time

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    I use my Hcg past the 30day limit but the best way to my knowledge is to split a vial with a buddy if possible. This is the only way ive come up with to use the full amount... Also keep it in the fridge after mixing with bac water. Supposedly helps preserve it.

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