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    sostenon 250

    This summer will be my first time useing steriods could you guys help me out, I'm going to tijuana mexico to get sos250 what else should i get would i need nolvadex and clomid to, just using sostenon only I'm 6'0 250lbs will i get good results, tying this cycle 250 a week for a 8 wks

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    get a single estered test like enanthate or cypionate and bump the dose to 400mg/wk.
    Also get clomid and start it 2 weeks after your last shot at 300mg/day1, 100mg/days2-11, 50mg/days12-21.
    You also might want to pick up some nova just in case you need it.
    It's better to have everything before you start then to have to try and find it when you need it.


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