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    Hitting that Brick Wall..

    It seems I have hit the brick wall of genetics. I have been training naturally for 7 years and have gone from 157-205 @ 5'9" 12-15% BF(currently [email protected]%BF) I have been stuck @ 295 BP, 395 Sq and 523 DL for about a year now! At 29 yrs old I am ready to grow again. My biggest problem is that I am in the military and want to increase my slowly so I avoid any uneccesary problems, if you get my drift. The funny thing is I have been accused of AAS when people see me from HS, I was about 135 @18. Does anyone have suggestions for my dilema? Has anyone experienced similar reactions to mine? Please PM if you can "help".

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    have you ever cycled before bro?

    my suggestion to you is to read, read, read. i can understand where youre coming from, but i have nothing to really go on. youre post was vague as to aas usage.
    i think you should research some, and come up with a cycle you think you might want to run, and we'll be happy to critique it for you.
    youve definitely put in the time, and it seems as if your training, and diet are in some kind of order.
    if by "help" youre asking for a source, we dont do that here, on the open board. disregard any pm's you get from anyone trying to sell you gear, more than likely they are trying to scam you.

    peace I4L

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    Well before you jump into AAS use. If your only problem is you've
    "hit a wall" I think you should try new things with your training. If you post what your workouts look like we'll be able to help out alittle more.

    IMO this would be your best route because with being in the military avioding any potential problems (AAS use) would be a good idea.

    After you try changing up your training for a while with a whole hearted effort. If you're still not happy with your gains then maybe give AAS some careful concideration.
    Being big isn't worth a dishonerable discharge.

    Just my .02


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    I havent used any aas but, I have used the gamut of supplements and creatine, glutamine are the only ones that seem worthwhile. I used to compete in raw powerlifting (no support gear except belts) meets but, didnt like the wear and tear on my joint. I am on the fence so to speak as far as aas because im in the military. Although they do not test for aas randomly, they will if they have probably cause. From everything I gather from the board, I would gain a considerable amount of size from a proper cycle of aas. Anavar and some Sustanon are the 2 at the top of my list,any suggestions on how to cycle these? My training is very consistent 3X per week play bball 1-2x week depending on my knees. Thanks for the info on PMs and the scammers, being a newbie on this board it helps that there are alot of lifters who help others out. Thanks for the advice

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