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    Newbie Screw up !!

    Well.... i found this board after i started my cycle and obviously got some bad advice from a friend.... here is my problem.... i started My Eq(400mg every week) Winny (50mg EOD) cycle at the same time. Now I know i shouldnt run the winnie NO longer than 6 weeks but i SHOULD run the EQ about 10 weeks. So i will end the winnie while still taking the EQ .....So my question to all of you is when do i start clomid... I read in the educational area i should do the clomid just hours after the last winnie shot but to take clomid 21 days after the last EQ shot........What do u guys think.....Thanks in advance for helping out

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    Take it 21 days after the last EQ shot. Always take what ever active drug is still in your body and adjust the clomid intake according to that time schedule.

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    Three wks after last inject. 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days2-10; and 50mg/ED days 11-20.

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