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    need advice.......

    OK. a couple days ago I finished 8 weeks sustanon '250', stacked with 5 weeks D-bol. Now i have a 10ml bottle of stanozol 100 and 10ml equipoise . I want to take these now but I dont know when to take my clomid- before i start the winnie and eq? or after? during? and what should the dose be of winnie and eq and how often? I was planning on going 1/2cc of winnie EOD(due to the amount & im broke!) and 1cc EQ twice a week. Think I will see pretty good results? I am not trying to be fuckin hurcules, just want to look better. I put on about 20 lbs. from the d-bol and sus. Now i just want to diet and rip up. I am 6'4" 238. I am a new user so if you have any advice that would be great!
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    i would wait on the "2nd" portion of your cycle.
    you got decent gains from your sust/dbol run, so just hit your post cycle recovery, and concentrate on keeping what youve built.

    you dont really have enough of the other 2 aas to make a decent cycle from it anyways. 2cc of eq per week will only last you 5 where near long enough.

    just my .02 though...........

    peace I4L

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