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    Thumbs up forum vets please read....

    earlier i posted a few threds about good d bol only cycles and stuff like that. i also said that i was 19....everyone here told me not to juice cause it will [email protected] me up in the future...i read a million like threads that said the same exact thing...and i have decided not to go along with the cycle and i am gettin my 200 bucks back and doin some serious supplement friend however is gonna do the cycle..eventhough he won't be gettin clomid (another reason i decided against the cycle, i wouldn't be gettin clomid) i told him thats a stupid move but he doesn't care. anyway i was wondering if there was any andro i can take that will give me some good gains...i am also probably gonna take protein with glutamine pills, methoxy 7, and vanadyl sulfate...i also want a testosterone booster like 4 AD...i read a lot about it and i think if i do about a 6 to 8 week cycle at i think 400 mg per day with the other supplements, proper nutrition (6 small healthy meals a day) and proper training (5 days a week and weekends off) i think i will do pretty well....i am also gonna end the summer with a couple tubs of methoxy what do you think...i am totally open to constructive criticsm, so don't hesitate to tell me to do something else or stuff like that...thanks everyone....peace


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    stay away from the pro hormones. Ive heard they give you the same sides as gear without the gains. Waste of money in my opinion. If your trying to bulk get a protein or weight gainer, glutamine, and creatine. Keep your calories high and keep your protein intake around 200grams a day. If your trying to bulk youll also want to keep your carbs high as well. Eat around 350 complex carbs per day. You are making a good decision not to go with the dbol . All your friend is going to do is look all puffy for a couple weeks. Yea he will get strength gains but he'll surely lose them faster then he acquired them. I personally am waiting till I'm 20 to do my first cycle. But its up to you.
    If you got any more questions or if I didnt answer any feel free to PM me.

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